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PropertyCtrl offers a powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based property management system that empowers you to take control of every aspect of your rental property. 


Applicant Tracking and Screening

With PropertyCtrl’s rental application and tenant management tools you will be able to manage the entire process of leasing your property.

  • Schedule and manage your property’s showings. 
  • Create a comprehensive and thorough rental application.
  • Screen applicants based on criteria that ensures you make the best decision when selecting your next tenant.
  • Receive notifications, calendar remainders and set appointments, all from one simple and organized place. 


PropertyCtrl offers a full suite of financial tools that allow you to take back control of your time and your property’s financials.

  • Accept secure online payments via ACH, Credit or Debit.
  • Automate payment due dates and automatically generate late fees and past due notices.
  • Create automatic receipts for your tenants and archive them for future use. 


PropertyCtrl allows you to communicate with your tenants more consistently and in a more organized way, without disrupting your day-to-day.

  • Receive requests and inquiries from your tenants. All organized in an easy-to-manage resident portal.
  • Send mass emails, texts or app notifications to all of your tenants with a single click.
  • Receive maintenance requests and schedule repairs. 

Lease Management

Our lease management tools offer you the ability to stay on top of every aspect of your lease. 

  • Receive alerts and notifications of upcoming contract deadlines, expirations dates and renewals.
  • Easily manage month-to-month rentals.
  • Store all of your property’s important documents in one single and secure place.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our maintenance tracking tools make it easy for you to keep on top of your rental’s maintenance schedule and repairs. 

  • Receive maintenance requests directly from your tenants.
  • Track repairs and inspections. 
  • Manage your property’s maintenance schedule.
  • Notify your tenants of upcoming scheduled repairs. 

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Tools for Every Level

Whether you have one rental, or a large portfolio of properties, PropertyCtrl helps you maximize your profits and grow!

Powerful Analytics

Make data backed decisions with analytics generated just for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

Receive maintenance requests, track repairs and inspections and keep an organized maintenance schedule.

Income and Expenses

Create budgets, track income, and generate shareable easy-to-read reports.

Secure Payments

Receive payments via ACH, credit or debit. Automatically generate past due fees and create receipts.

Secure Document Storage

Store all of your property’s important documents, pictures and receipts in a single and secure place.

Tenant Management Tools

Effectively screen applicants, schedule showings and communicate with your residents.

This is Property Management by You!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

We do! We currently offer a 1 month free trial that includes all of the features of our Start Up plan. No credit card required. So, if you liked PropertyCtrl after your free month, you can simply elect to pay for the next month or choose the yearly plan for added savings.

Do I have to download anything to my computer?

Nothing at all. PropertyCtrl is a cloud based solution. What that means is that your profile, data and information are all accessible via your web browser. All just a sing in away. 

How do I create a rental application?

We offer a library of resources at your disposal. Which include rental application templates based on what state your property is located in and what type of property it is. All compliant with the Federal Fair Housing Act. 

How thorough is the tenant screening process?

Once all of the applicant's information has been gathered, our screening process provides a comprehensive report based on the applicant's credit report and background check. Once the application process is finalized, our system also shares the information found with the applicant, for transparency and provides you with actionable recommendations based on the findings. 

Can I export my budgets and financials to Excel?

Yes, all of our analytics reports, budgets and financial reports can be exported in an Excel file type. 

Are my documents and data safe?

At PropertyCtrl we ensure to implement the highest levels encryption and security available. We secure all of your data by powerful firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus software, and access controls.

What type of support does PropertyCtrl offer?

In order to help you grow and succeed, PropertyCtrl provides the following support: 

  • Library of resources: including templates, market updates and how-to articles.
  • Support members available to assist via email, chat or phone. 
Do you have a mobile app?

We're very excited to announce that we're currently in the process of developing our fully-integrated mobile app. Stay tuned!

Do payments from my tenants go directly into my bank account?

Yes, once your bank account is securely linked and verified by our system, all payments will be deposited directly into your account. 

How do tenants submit service request?

PropertyCtrl's Tenant Portal is the hub between you and your tenants. There, tenants can submit service requests, make payments, download receipts and much more. 

About our company

We are a property management software company inspired by the need to serve rental property owners and managers, with a better,  easy-to-use and more affordable way of managing their properties.


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